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All About Bozena Zag


Hello there, 

Maybe it’s important to let you know good things about myself, it would then be an amusing bio if I flatter myself. My Portfolio, Editorials, Stats and Interviews might say more about myself and my work. I come from a small town, and am simply a down to earth woman that is not shy getting in front of the camera and shoot with some amazing creative photographers. 

Deciding on a career in 2014, that I been dreaming of since I was a young child was the easiest choice I have ever made and I’ve never looked back. Deciding to be a Freelance Model with no Agent, meant traveling quite a bit to the destinations, photographers and connecting to the right people in the industry that were in better understanding of the vision and preference. 

I love doing shoots in fashion art and art into fashion. It gives you the ability to create all that happens in your creative mind, and I love it. 

Finally, I want to say what someone once said to me. “ The grass is never greener on the other side. It is when you water it.”

Yours Truly, Bozena Zag  

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